David Lipsig, MD Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry
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David Lipsig, MD Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry

Meet Dr. Lipsig

David Lipsig, MD, Atlanta PsychiatristDr. Lipsig studied English and Pre-Med while earning a B.A. at the University of Michigan. After college, he attended medical school at the State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse where he graduated in the top third of his class. He subsequently completed his residency in the General Psychiatry Residency Program at Emory University School of Medicine in 2001. During his training, he received the Psychiatry Resident of the Year award. Following his residency training, Dr. Lipsig went on to pursue a Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship at the Psychiatry and Law program at Emory University School of Medicine graduating from the program in 2002.

Upon completion of his training, Dr. Lipsig co-founded Psychiatric Associates of Atlanta, and has been working in private practice ever since. Dr. Lipsig is board certified in both General and Forensic Psychiatry. In addition to these activities, Dr. Lipsig regularly contributes his time to the psychiatric community in other ways such as serving on the Ethics Committee of the Georgia Psychiatric Physician's Association since 2007.

While Dr. Lipsig maintains a thriving professional practice, he is passionate about teaching the next generation of physicians. He has been an active member of the Emory Psychiatry and Law program from which he graduated. For 10 years, he trained the Emory forensic psychiatric fellows in Correctional Psychiatry at the Atlanta City Detention Center. He focused on exploring the challenges of working in complex systems while providing the best care for those in need. Currently, he teaches Emory forensic psychiatric fellows about forensic psychiatry with an emphasis on ethics. Also, he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychiatry at the Emory School of Medicine, and teaches psychotherapy to the current Emory psychiatric residents.